In 1993, the Pillay family relocated to the town of Zeerust in the North West Province of South Africa. Here they noticed that far too many people were matriculating for the sake of matriculating without employable skills. This was a small country town surrounded by lots of villages which were underserviced and lacked opportunities.


The family felt that they should do something to improve the skills of the people. Hence the noble idea to provide quality training in Bookkeeping, Business Skills, Computer Skills, Baking, Catering and other related courses began. In June of 1993, Pregy Pillay, established their first Skills Development and Training Centre in the town of Zeerust. Their good work and service led them to build centres in Mafikeng, Vryburg, Rustenburg and a mobile unit to serve the rest of the North West Province. For almost three decades, the organisation continues to deliver quality training in various skills and short courses.

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