The Fall And Rise Of Jim

by Akbar Ali Abdul Hai

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The young Jim is upset and he has a reason to go upset. Yes, he was retrenched from his company. Yet, he never lost his confidence. Without wasting a day, he stepped in action to start his own farm business. His dad and a school time friend helped him to come up. He is now the proud owner of an integrated farm. How he came up?

To promote co-existence, social harmony, share and care attitudes and community development.

Author Akbar is an awareness creator by story telling method through mass media. He holds qualification in journalism and professional writing. Have extensive writing experience for young adults and students.

  • Sheila Wong Yen Min

    The story is extremely relevant and relatable to this modern times. This story is very positive in nature and will most definitely lift the spirits of persons who are facing or going through retrenchment and those who are recovering from it or have recovered from it.