Dental Hygiene, Optimal Health & Longevity

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Did you know that dirty teeth not only causes gum disease and tooth loss, it also stresses your immune system making you prone to illnesses that eventually shortens your life span.

In this eBook, you will find some easy and effective methods of maintaining dental hygiene.

Wishing you Optimal Health and Longevity.


When you know the methods of cleaning teeth thoroughly, the chances are you will get to keep your teeth for life. Meaning you get to eat well as well as less bacterial contamination in the body. Coupled with exercise, rest and peace of mind, you could naturally expect to enjoy a long and healthy life.   

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Randolf Wee is a video producer who has a passion for good health and things that help us live an illness-free and enjoyable life. Amidst clean water, clean air, fresh food, a calm external environment, our personal lifestyle and habits determine the quality of life that we can control and reap benefits from our actions.

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