Maggots and Diabetic Wounds

by Pirehma

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This is a fine description and explanation in finding a solution for diabetic non healing wounds using medicinal maggots

Experiences and clinical knowledge enhanced my expertise in wound management especially non healing diabetic wounds. I am a certified wound care advocate and clinical educator for maggot therapy in Malaysia

  • Alexzander

    It's give me more important knowledge about what we do not know about diabetes

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    good info..

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    Nice info

  • Ganesha Melvin Nesan

    a very awesome book.

  • Saraswathy Sivarajan

    Good Info

  • Rose Mina

    Awesome knowledge sharing! Valuable info

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    Good info!

  • Jacqueline Joseph

    It's sad that so many people suffer from diabetes.

  • Shiyamala Devi a/p Balachandran

    Very useful guide

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  • Echa

    Good info.

  • Ashwinni

    Worth reading about diabetics wounds & the solution for recovery?? Precautions is better than amputation ????

  • Deisyka VSI

    jagalah kesihatan kita,tdk kira apa pun jenis mknan yang kita makan, makan lah dalam kuantiti yang betul..terutamanya kadar pemgambilan gula..

  • Suganthee Rajaram

    Good Info