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Science has played important role in community development. In an effort to create scientific community, DHRRA initiated Arivan Science Magazine, a dual-language science magazine (English and Tamil) for Tamil School students. This project was recognized by the Government of Japan, this project was awarded Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) 2013. We also established a public-private partnership with Japanese education and publishing company Gakken who commit to provide magazine content and complementary educational materials such as scientific toys for DHRRA’s school outreach programmes.

ARIVAN Science Magazine is avenue to bring about interest among students in seeking knowledge and excelling in education.
DHRRA Malaysia is a voluntary non-profit and non-political organization registered in 2006 under the Societies Act of Malaysia 1966. It evolved from what was formerly known as MasDHRRA (1974-1998) and later, DHRRA Network Malaysia (1999 – 2005) that worked towards organizing a strong and self-reliant community through poverty alleviation and people’s empowerment initiatives.

    Provides very good info and knowledge

  • Jacqueline Joseph

    Simple but good information especially on dinasours. It is in English and the magazine is published by a NGO.


    easy to learn

  • Raynold Thomas

    I couldn't understand a thing, but I believe every book is good to read.