Feeder Town was a deserted neghbourhood located a few kilometers from the old seaport. The boys choose this location for venturing in to a picnic. They had already googled some information about the picnic spot. Yet, they have something more than what they heard of it from the railway stationmaster. The boys have not given up their picnic. The head on to the deserted town and found something amazing. They could get all information from someone who had not deserted the town yet. He has something interesting to tell.


To carry a message for good friendship and society building and harmonial interaction among boys, with elders and senior citizens. The message is threaded with daring activities in storyline format.


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The author Akbar is a mass media person with several years of experience and authored many similar educative and info creative short titles for young adults. He holds a diploma in Journalism and Professional Writing.


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