Tips Social Media For Marketing

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Tips Social Media For Marketing by Coach Melvin  is a Book  where will be taught online usage techniques using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Wechat.


World's first billionaire Rockefeller took 46 years to be a billionare. Today people are doing it within a year or two.
1. Must be a Biz of your own from the comfort of your phone.
2. Must have Push button information at the tip of your fingers.
3. Must start local and go global.
Business is all about providing products and services to public at large and when the products & services enhance quality of living our business grows.
Speed of Social Media using a proven system that provides entreprenueral education, health products and wealth creation system can help you to reach out to GLOBAL MARKET.

System based training on how to work systematically to reach out and enrich lives globally, healthwise and wealthwise.
From the comfort of your handphone you can reach out to anyone in the world.

A natural Coach & Trainer, Ganesha Melvin Nesan @ Mg Melvin is one of the most appealing Coach. Being a natural people’s man, his passion is in enriching lives through personal development and  professional enhancement. Speaking since 2008, he has delivered his talks to various corporations - insurance, mutual fund, banks, shipping agencies, network marketing companies, automobile marketing companies and also to international and government schools. He is also an excellent mastery of ceremony. 

Currently, he is providing his consultation and services to companies and Training Providers, while spending his leisure counseling, writing and blogging. Focus Building up The Networking System in Many Company in Malaysia.

His journey of life is colorful and manifold. Being a self made man, he raised himself from Sungai Petani, Kedah. In all the roles that he played to his heart’s joy; his passion was his love in enriching lives. He is a man’s man – flows well with the upper market and also the man in the street. 


Pizza Hut Operation Manager (2003-2009), Klink Entreprenuer (2005- 2011), Insurance Group Sales Manager (2011), PhytoScience Trainer (2015-2017), Public Mutual Trainer (2014), MindAppz Coach (2015) & SuperLife Trainer / Coach (2017).

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    Useful information,thanks to the creator

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    These course is good.

  • very good and helpful also informative book. Coach Melvin u arecthe best at in digital

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    Good information about digital marketing

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  • Awesome book

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  • Awesome book

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  • Awesome

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  • Powerful book

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  • Awesome book of Mr Melvin. His experience is fabulous and master of digital marketing. After enter his class also his is becoming like a bible of business to me n group.

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  • Powerful book

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    Info yg sangat berguna.

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    Very infomative with easy practical duplicable steps which can be mastered to perfection.