Jack's Disappointment

by Akbar Ali Abdul Hai

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The small pastoral hometown of Jack was surrounded by nature and free from any pollution. Jack was a nature lover and enjoyed his life while the fate played to take him to a far away country to spend rest of his life. His beautiful hometown haunted him very often. After retiring from service and after nearly four decades, he decided to go back to his same hometown in a sheer hope of enjoying the beauties. Did he accomplish it?

To spread the ecoawareness and thereby protecting and  preserving the environmental values.

An environmentalist by profession and ecoawreness creator by passion. Working to create the Ecoawareness to the common public by mass media both electronic and print. Holds a higher qualifation in Environmental technology and Journalism / Professional writing.

  • Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Very well written, very informative and I can really feel and identify all the emotions journeys of this book. Really connection formed.