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DRAWZANIA is an e-learning drawing platform that offers drawing lessons to the world. The tagline ‘Everyone can draw’ is apt as this is the venue where everybody from all walks of life can learn and master drawing techniques and skills.

DRAWZANIA brings you a unique approach to drawing. Now, it is possible for anyone to learn and polish his or her drawing skills. You can learn to draw in your own leisure time, at your own learning pace and from your own bedroom, if you want to.

There are more than 1000 demo videos available to be viewed and learned here. The demo videos contents are developed based on categories of drawing, which are basic, perspective, landscape, animal, anime, caricature, figure and children drawings. These drawings are presented step by step (stop motion concept) so that you are clear of the drawing processes. You will undoubtedly gain mastery via these demo videos and special made programmers. You can also practice your drawing skills online using our specially made drawing pad.

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