Its about Women's fiqh ie the Islamic rulings on ibadah. It has 7 chapters namely wudhu, ghusul, tayammun, wiping over shoes, socks, bandages and headcovers, haidh, nifas and Istihadhah. The reader will get very detailed information about all these topics that will leave nothing in doubt especially women issues regarding haidh and istihadhah. Its the first of its kind simple yet elaborate reinforced by both medical and scientific evidence. Its basic rulings based on fatwas on the five jurists of Islam: Hanafi, Hanbali Maliki, Shafie and Ibn Taymiah.


To delineate the essentials basics of ibadah that one must know, male or female, young and old. First book of its kind to compile the rules and fatwas from the five jurists and fuqaha and wrote in in easy layman terms for both ordinary and specialists. It is also unique as it discusses the issues of women regarding rulings on haidh and istihadhah and other sensitive issues in great elaborate details. Lastly it has scientific and medical evidence to reinforce the rulings given.

Instructor Biography

Nurhana Ibrahim Abdullah is a prominent writer, researcher and social and dakwah activist since 1990 to present 2019. Author of Women's Fiqh 1997 and second edition 2018, Stories of women behind veil 1 and 2 1998 and 2014, AIDs Penyakit Homoseksual yang membunuh 1997, Prohibition of Pork in Holy Quran 2003, The Greatest Scientists of all times Ibn Haytham and Al Razi 2010, Family violence in the West 2000. International research papers on Misconceptions on Status of Women in Islam 1995 to 1997 and Men and women are equal but different 2006. 

Am present Director of Ibn Nafees Institute Scientific Women Studies Amman. Jordan. BA English Literature UM Postgraduate Linguistics Univ of Wales UK and completing MA Social Studies and Islam UUM.

Fiqh instructor ICP Pittsburgh Islamic Center US.

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