Multi-level marketing, also known as MLM, is a business marketing strategy that many companies use in order to encourage current agents to perform while at the same time growing the team by recruiting and training new agents. This tactic of marketing helps boost the company’s sales force not only from the sales of the primary agent, but also from the sales and profits of the agents they have recruited. 

With our Multi-Level Marketing workshop, your participants will discover the specifics of how multi-level marketing works and how to effectively source agents. For many companies, it can prove to be a valuable tool for not only building revenue, but also for building their marketing and networking circles.


Workshop Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide the learners with:

  • Know how multi-level marketing works
  • Build contacts
  • Recruit new agents
  • Be familiar with social media and marketing
  • Provide training for recruits

Words from the Wise

  • Nicolas Roeg: Marketing is a very good thing, but it shouldn’t control everything. It should be the tool, not that which dictates.
  • Erik Qualman: Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job-hunting you have a large network to work with.
  • Beth Comstock: Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.
  • Seth Godin: Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.

Instructor Biography

iPraxis is an HRDF approved Training Partner specialize in Soft Skill trainings.


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    Jacqueline Joseph

    MLM is the way of life..

    27/04/2018 01:34:24

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    good info

    23/04/2018 20:50:32

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    Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Easy to understand, relate to and adopt.

    31/10/2017 11:41:13

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    Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Easy to understand, relate to and adopt.

    31/10/2017 11:40:45

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