This book is a compilation of poetry creations that is reflecting on current issue. And with some of the author’s personal view towards life and experiences. The author may be sharing his thoughts through these poetic renditions and what is truly happening in this world today. We are sometimes too busy to notice the little things in life. Things that may go un-noticed and insignificant to us, but it may be in one way or the other affect us.

Total number of e-book page: 54


This is a creative writing program that free our thoughts and inspires our mind. The intention is to prolifically craft new creations with words and illustrations by using artistic expressions. This book may move like-minded and enthusiast to create their own version of prolific thoughts and practically put them in writings.

Instructor Biography

The author has the propensity and fondness of writing poetic captures within his social circle. Somehow at the beginning, he had no intention of publicizing the course of indulgence into commercial usage. His initial aim was solely for recreational purposes, with an immense inclination towards progressively improving his course of work. Then came encouragement from family and friends, who have brought this book to life.

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