Discover on how to draw anime using Drawzania online demo videos. You have the opportunity to learn and practice anime drawings from children to adults characters. You also have the opportunity to explore on how to compose the anime characters from head, hands, eyes, faces, legs, feet and many more. Take this opportunity to discover your drawing talent to anime drawing characters via Drawzania online demo videos.

Highly recommended for: Animation students, School students, University students, Animators.


How to use the online video?

Step 01: Prepare A4 papers and pencil or pen.

Step 02: Choose the online video based on your preference (Beginner, Intermediate or Advance Level).

Step 03: [Observe (O)] Play the online video and observe the drawing process until the end.

Step 04: [Understand (U)] “Play and Pause” the online video while drawing the composition. Follow the step by step process of the video.

Step 05: [Create (C)] Draw the drawing composition again WITHOUT referring to the online video.


Note : Repeat the O.U.C process until you are able to FREEHAND VISUALIZE that composition without having to refer to the online video.

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You can draw with confidence using Drawzania Approach


Something to ponder: In the 21st century, visual communication skills is a must to everyone including your children and you. Start investing your time and money to master the skills and for sure you would not regret your efforts.


DRAWZANIA brings you a unique approach to drawing. Now, it is possible for anyone to learn and polish his or her drawing skills. You can learn to draw at your own leisure time, at your own learning pace and from your own bedroom, if you want to. The demo videos contents are developed based on 15 drawing categories using ”step by step” protocol. So that you can observe and learn from A to Z on how to draw and freehand visualize a drawing composition.

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