Most of the information in this book are years of research, gained experiences, and some golden principles that are shared among fellow leaders of the world. When the late Dr. Stephen Covey asked me to be a TRIM TAB, I did not understand the true meaning of his analogy.Then he told me to leave a legacy, and that inspired me to write this book. Hence with those two little words, I had thought over and over again. Finally, it dawned on me that the word TRIM TAB means, no matter how small our effort and contributions are, they could somehow affect someone or an organization greatly. 

The reason to start TRIM TAB SERIES is the need to cultivate genuine interest and habits that will form new leaders in an ever-changing era of the new normal. There may be certain practices that need to be changed. ‘Small Change’ may seem insignificant, but they are valuable to a business. For example, 99 cents can add up to an amount that is worth the attraction to buyers. We truly do not know what is coming next in the new phases of world organizational structure and management trends,  but we are certain that change is constant, and people need to learn new skills and advance their knowledge.


This is a beginning of new series of upcoming books related to TRIM TAB principle which was an anology given by Dr.Stepehn R.Covey. He is the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book can be a personal guide and tips to any enthuiasist that wants to learn about the skills and principle of progressive leadership.

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The author wrote this book to allow us to prepare for subsequent episodes, and to focus on our journey to becoming a true leaders. This will enable many lower and intermediate-level leaders to grasp on what are the normal practices, the order of principles, and the preparation to face new challenges without fear or hesitation. 


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