The study on 1 Corinthains 1-4 can be broken down into 3 parts:

Part A : General Analysis of Chapter 1-4

Part B : Analysis of sub-sections, identifying the argument structure and “flow”

Part C : Summary and Application


May this study on 1 Corinthians 1-4 assist you and be a blessing to you in your personal Bible study, research and ministry. 

Instructor Biography

Served as a full time worker in a church for 6 years after working in many sectors. Started at Kuala Lumpur before being posted back to the mother church in Tawau the year later. Since I was not the one who received the green light to expand and learn more like other staff especially male staff through applying into a seminary under the church, I then decided to apply into the Seminary on my own behalf. 

Thank God for His favor. I was accepted into the seminary. I resigned on December 2008 and enrolled into Seminary Theology Sabah (STS) on January 2009. Throughout my studies, I still received covering from my denomination and was posted in various Anglican churches for my practical. It was a great time and praise God, in 2012 I graduated with Bachelor of Divinity. 

I continued to serve full time in one of the Anglican church thereafter for 3 years. This time, more on pastoral ministry as I lead the BM Congregation. Today, I no longer serve full time in the church but I am out at workplace. Still, it is always great to serve the Lord where ever we are placed.


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    Raynold Thomas

    I keep reading this back to back to know the nurture of reading the Corinthians. Though still need more, but this eBook is kinda helping! Kudos to the writer again!

    23/04/2018 14:51:08

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    Jacqueline Joseph

    Reading the Bible should be an everyday thing!

    22/04/2018 03:57:40

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    Deisyka VSI

    Tq for the ebook provider!

    21/04/2018 17:47:37

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    Raynold Thomas

    Wah. Thanks for this very good reading.

    16/03/2018 10:53:59

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