According to, "English speakers have used the word exegesis - a descendant of the Greek term exegeisthai, meaning "to explain" or "to interpret" - to refer to explanations of Scripture since the early 17th century."

Today, exegesis is still needed in studying the Scripture in order to understand the big picture. Whether we are doing it for our self knowledge, or our ministry, or the benefit of others, may the Lord speak to each and everyone of us as we study and dig His Word.

Therefore, here is an Exegesis on Isaiah 6.

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With 16 references which I used in coming out with this exegesis, I pray and hope that my research and findings may help in understanding Isaiah 6 in depth.

Instructor Biography

Served as a full time worker in a church for 6 years after working in many sectors. Started at Kuala Lumpur before being posted back to the mother church in Tawau the year later. Since I was not the one who received the green light to expand and learn more like other staff especially male staff through applying into a seminary under the church, I then decided to apply into the Seminary on my own behalf. 

Thank God for His favor. I was accepted into the seminary. I resigned on December 2008 and enrolled into Seminary Theology Sabah (STS) on January 2009. Throughout my studies, I still received covering from my denomination and was posted in various Anglican churches for my practical. It was a great time and praise God, in 2012 I graduated with Bachelor of Divinity. 

I continued to serve full time in one of the Anglican church thereafter for 3 years. This time, more on pastoral ministry as I lead the BM Congregation. Today, I no longer serve full time in the church but I am out at workplace. Still, it is always great to serve the Lord where ever we are placed.


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    Raynold Thomas

    I have been reading my Bible since I was 19 and lots of guide book to help me to understand or to get the essential from Isiah. This eBook is helpful too!

    23/04/2018 14:52:15

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    Raynold Thomas

    Very good insights on how to read about Isaiah 6.

    02/03/2018 10:15:22

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