Some churches ordain women. Some other churches only ordain men. In some churches which do not ordain women, still women can serve as a deacon. But this does not apply to all churches. The Anglican Church of South East Asia is one of the denomination which do not ordain women. 

We may be wondering and asking why practically and biblically. What else when other churches recognizes their women and their calling into the ordained ministry. Here in this book which consists of 4 chapters is a researched which I personally worked on for my thesis with the guide of Canon Sylvia Jeans, who is also known as Ibu Suria, as my supervisor. 


Brief description:

Issues on the ministries and ordination of women in an Anglican Church will be discussed.

Investigation will also round up Biblical study on women and historical evidence background in the case of the ordination of women.


Purpose of research:

Understand and evaluate the evidence in favor of women ordination and the viability of the women ordination in the province of South East Asia Anglican church.


Thesis points and hypothesis:

As stated in brief description and purpose…

  • Are men and women equal in carrying out the ministry?
  • What hinders the ordination of women in the Anglican Church?
  • What does the Bible actually says about women in ministry, typically the ordination of women?
  • What does Jesus says and how does Jesus look at women?
  • Can women be ordained to carry out a larger ministry?
  • Should women then be ordained?


Research methodologies:

Bible, reference books, web-sites, short informal interviews with various people; church members, lay leaders, friends (around Sabah, west Malaysia, other countries), community, theologians, ministers, ordained women and non-ordained women of the Anglican Church.


Envision Value and contribution of research:

As stated in purpose, hope that this research and thesis will someday be an influence for the Anglican Churches especially in Sabah and will bring on a journey in making a change or difference.

Instructor Biography

Served as a full time worker in a church for 6 years after working in many sectors. Started at Kuala Lumpur before being posted back to the mother church in Tawau the year later. Since I was not the one who received the green light to expand and learn more like other staff especially male staff through applying into a seminary under the church, I then decided to apply into the Seminary on my own behalf. 

Thank God for His favor. I was accepted into the seminary. I resigned on December 2008 and enrolled into Seminary Theology Sabah (STS) on January 2009. Throughout my studies, I still received covering from my denomination and was posted in various Anglican churches for my practical. It was a great time and praise God, in 2012 I graduated with Bachelor of Divinity. 

I continued to serve full time in one of the Anglican church thereafter for 3 years. This time, more on pastoral ministry as I lead the BM Congregation. Today, I no longer serve full time in the church but I am out at workplace. Still, it is always great to serve the Lord. 


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    Jacqueline Joseph

    It's good to reiterate gender equality.

    25/04/2018 14:45:07

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    Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Extremely Informative and Easy to Understand & Identify With. Met with all my expectations.

    07/12/2017 20:31:36

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