Project management is organizing information and managing resources to accomplish a task in a giving period of time.

We all are in one way executing a project or other, that thing you are doing is your project, you need to know how and when to put start and which one to come first to get your project done.

In this course, you will find out how to start in any project you are to embark, it is broken down step by step on how to go about till all is done.

Fundamentals of project management is a must read for everyone who wishes to achieve success in all his project to get you fresh knowledge to get you work done within the time frame.

It is for students in operation, project managements, civil engineering, IT and software developers, private business operators, it is for all.


Project management is the core concept gathering of information and organizing resources for a set objective to achieve a given goal in a time frame. Fundamentals of project management is design to fit all in every field, public and private sectors, civil engineers, mechanic and electric engineers, IT and software engineers, operation managers.

This course will impact the learner with the knowledge of tools, charts, refresh learner on the things to put into consideration in making a project not realizing it but achieve the time target, cost and keep it running by making the users to adapt the change.

It is designed to get the learners back on track on what to consider before changing a functioning system.

Instructor Biography

Sunny is a preacher and motivational project/operation and human resources manager, he also speaks French language.

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