Set yourself to get yourself is a collection of prophetic motivational inspirational quotes. It is  lifting to all, it is power packed witth knowledge that will transform any one who opens it whether you are a Career men, educater, religious man, political man and economic man, this is simply welcoming you to your new dawn, one thing is sure about this book, it is full of light, transformational quotes for pace setting, path finding and high-flyer leaders. It can put everyone who is downcasted in all  the playing fields back on track. It is inspired by the holy Spirit to enrich your mind. This little book will turn darkness into light, help you out in moving every unmovable mountains out of your way. After going through this book; you will discover that you are no longer the former person that started this little book. Sitting down with this book is really investing into your future and will set your feet on higher ground, you will begin to scale new height, dare the impossible and top all the chats. Knowledge distinguishes you from the crowd anytime anywhere. Knowledge is light, you don't need to convince one to go through light.

Instructor Biography

I believe in the power of the word of God, which has blessed my ministry through teaching the raw word of God, in the word of God is all things available and created. 

Papa Sunny is a product of wofbi and rcbc and hold degrees in Christian evangelism studying human resource, operation and project management. The founder of highflyers word of faith institute which is the arm of ministers training of his ministry.

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