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MRT Corp takes pride in the MRT project, one of its momentous projects that won the Prime Minister Innovation Award 2017. “This recognition is deemed essential as SBK line was completed two weeks prior to deadline and witnessed a cost saving of RM2 billion. The first phase of the project was completed by 16 December 2016, two weeks earlier to its projected schedule which was on 31 December 2016. SBK line brought laurels by being a national icon among many other projects underlining effective delivery and cost savings. The second phase of the SBK line was completed in July 2017, again two weeks earlier from its deadline. This led to an astonishing achievement as we only spent RM21 billion as compared to the budgeted amount of RM23 billion for the SBK Line,” said Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah, the Director of Strategic Communication & Stakeholder Relations Division, MRT Corp. Source:

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Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) which was established under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is a government agency that facilitates the national agenda of unlocking potentials of productivity.

MPC has initiated a web-based platform known as Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND) to exclusively disseminate information on best practices to organisations nationwide. This channel is aimed to provide management systems and case studies specifically to foster positive growth within the respective corporations.

MPC is privileged to showcase these best practices and success stories from various improvement projects through strategic collaborations of both public and private sectors. MPC has also assisted more than 200 companies in implementing project improvements for productivity enhancement. These initiatives are being documented and uploaded  at BOND.

Organisations from both public and private sectors are encouraged to grasp knowledge through real case studies and instilling these strategies in sustaining and expanding business operations.

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