The nature and details of the transition of the GST Regime to the SST Regime and how the business owners, consumers and the general public will be affected by the switch-over.


Explanation of the roles and responsibilities of the Government (RMCD – Royal Malaysian Customs Department as administrator & enforcer of SST); business owners and the general public when the Sales and Service Tax kicks-in effective 1st September 2018.

Will covering the following critical areas:

  1. The principal differences between GST and SST, their coverage, concepts, mechanism and the impact to the business community, consumers and the general public;
  2. Related transitional issues moving forward from 6% to 0% and how to manage GST during the vacuum period;
  3. Revisit of the previous GST regime, its functions; merits and weaknesses;
  4. Discussion on the practical tax issues that would be faced by business owners;
  5. Explanation of the salient features of SST, its functions, merits, weaknesses and its requirements;
  6. Preparation work to ensure the transition from GST to SST will be smooth.

Instructor Biography

Mr Yap Wai Onn is a Chartered Accountant, consultant and Taxation lecturer of a leading university in Malaysia. He has served several established manufacturing companies in the furniture, plastic and pharmaceutical industry. His areas of specialization cover product costing, pricing, management accounting, risks profiling, financial analysis, corporate restructuring and taxation. He was also involved in the committee to implement the proper infrastructure in compliance with the requirements of the GST regime.

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