The Peacock Pep-Talk - Believe

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“My mother told me to BELIEVE in myself in whatever I do. I did and today I am writing it for you to make a difference in your life.” Shantini Nadarajah

Our ‘Peacock Pep Talk’ article contains inspiring topics to transform yourself to be a better person. It is produced from time to time especially for you to inspire yourself, your team and the people around you.

Believe in yourself and Never give up! The Objective here is simple. The Challenge - Can you do it to achieve your Goals? 

Shantini Nadarajah, has worked in various industries such as; Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Fashion Retailing, E-Commerce Network Marketing, Food & Beverage and Business Process Outsourcing over the last 27 years.

 Her rich experience, skills and training has taken her abroad to many countries and has given her a unique insight into cross cultural people management, deeper understanding of emotional intelligence, organizational dynamics including an appreciation of multi-cultural work environment.


 She holds a Master Degree in Management, professional qualifications in Computer Programming (UK), Grooming & Modelling (India), Business & Administrative Management (UK), Psychology (UK), Elder Caregiving (UK), a Certified Practitioner in NLP (Australia), Certified Master Trainer (New York, USA), a Certified PSMB Trainer (Malaysia) and a Certified Trainer & Assessor (ASQA, Australia)


 She has worked and consulted under various positions specializing in the set-up of International Business Operations, leading change and growth under Human Resources, Training, Learning & Development, Customer Relationship Engagement, Corporate Governance and Quality Management.


 She is a good communicator in people and a passionate international motivational speaker in business, personal development and management topics especially in the grooming of emerging business leaders and future women leaders.


With a passion for music, Shantini is a self-motivated achiever, committed in whatever she does and thankful for the gift of life she enjoys. Her vision is to make a humble and positive difference to individuals and the environment. She believes that having courage, passion and kindness can imprint a magical difference to one’s LIFE.


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