When and What to Feed Babies and Toddlers- Eng Version

by Bellaa Kler

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A complete baby recipe book which includes recipes from key stage 5 months old to 3 years old. This recipe book is all you need to start weaning your baby the healthy way. It contains asian and western recipes. This book has 76 pages and full colour recipes and so easy to follow. It takes just 10-15 minute to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal for your baby.


Dear Moms and dads,

By dowloading this ebook, you will be able to cook delicious and nutritious meal for your baby and toddler. As a mother and a father you will understand that starting to feed your baby from 5 months is a very important mile stone for your baby to start tasting food with different textures and colours. It will make your baby's taste buds understand textures and taste early on.

So start with downloading this ebook and begin a journey to cooking adventure for you and your baby. I promise you that you will not need another baby recipe book ever after this.  

I am a writer of many facets. I first develop this book for my own babies. That was many years ago. This book has been sold in hard copies in book stores all over Malaysia and Singapore. You can read about my adventure in putting the recipes in this book in the about the author page. 

I wilsh all moms and dads happy cooking. Its very easy, trust me as i have done all the hard work over the years. This recipe book will surely please not only you but your baby.

Bon appetit

Bellaa Kler-McClymont