There is revolution going on in management today. Old understandings are being questioned as never before. New insights are changing the way managers understand their responsibilities. Those running the most admired corporations view their companies in a new light – as systems made of interacting and interrelated parts. They understand that the primary purpose of their companies is meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations. They know that this is what generates profits so they will be around tomorrow. This system’s view has brought about new attitude and approach for successfully achieving organisational goals. The emphasis is on understanding and implementing good management practices to champion organisational growth and competition. This approach includes a variety of techniques for helping executives continuously improve organisational productivity and value of products and services.


Our utmost gratitude to Malaysia Training Provider Association [MATPA], for providing an opportunity to publish this book for the benefit of our young Malaysian executive. Furthermore their financial support and encouragement have enabled us to conduct an in-depth study on case studies on Malaysian perspectives to further enhance the content.
Also, many thanks to our contributing authors who have taken the time and effort to complete this book. Their insights and experiences have made this book a much richer work. Our gratitude also goes to the publishing team for getting the book into shape and guiding us through the publishing processes. Above all, we are indebted to our families, who have been a great source of encouragement and support every step of the way.

Instructor Biography

Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram

Veera K.S. is an accomplished, dynamic professional trainer and a Certified International Professional Training Consultant [CIPTC] by American Certification Institute. He holds a doctorate degree in supply chain management from University of Malaya, an MBA degree and bachelor’s degree in Analytical Economics. He is also a member graduate of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [CILT], U.K. and Certified Purchasing Professional [CPP] from American Purchasing Society. He has more than 19 years of working experiences in both military [government] and private companies. He now serves as an Associate Professor in MARA University of Technology [Malaysia] and is a freelance corporate trainer to several training providers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. His passion towards research enabled him to publish books and research articles in different journals of national and international repute, mainly in the area of logistics and supply chain as well as international trade and technological change. He also reviews works for several journal publisher such as Journal of Business Economics and Management [Thomson Reuters] and Benchmarking: An International Journal [SCOPUS]. As such, this earned him a vast knowledge and experience as a management and research consultant for several corporate and government link companies such as PETRONAS, Public Bank, Johor Corporation, Sindora Bhd., Kulim Bhd. and KPJ Health Care.

Muhammad Awais Bhatti

Awais M.B. is currently working as a Senior lecturer in School of Business Management, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Accountancy, MBA in Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Technology. His area of expertise includes international business, Strategic Management, Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management. He is a professional trainer and designs training programmes for managers and executives around the world. He is also does review work for the European Journal of Training and Development, and is a member of the program committee for IBIMA 2011 conference. His devotion towards training and research activities has enabled him to publish books and journals in different fields, mainly in the area of training and development, internationalization, E-learning and business research.

Soo Kum Yoke

Carolyn Soo Kum Yoke has a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Johor. She is actively involved in writing and has written several books including Grammar for Basic Learners, Baby steps to Job Seeking, Guide to Mathematics in English, T-Chronometer for Teaching Tenses: A Tale of Time and The English Story. Some of her research articles have also been published in local and international indexed journals as well as conference proceedings. Mohamed Afiq Zubir Afiq Zubir is a research consultant at the Faculty of Business Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Johor campus. His area of research is in logistics and supply chain management. His passion towards research enabled him to publish books and research articles in journals in the area of logistics and supply chain.

Saunah Zainon

Saunah Zainon (PhD) is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Segamat, Johor. She is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA). She is also an associate member of Accounting Research Institute (ARI) and a member of Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainability (APCeS), Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Her research interest and publications are in the fields of financial reporting in non-profit organisations, social responsibility, governance and accountability.

Thirunavukkarasu Krishnasamy

Thiru K. obtained his DBA from Twintech International University in 2012.He is a Certified Professional Supply Chain Manager at the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute [IPSCMI]. He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Analytical Economics from University of Malaya. Currently he has devoted himself to human capital development programmes. His strong passion in the field of training and logistics management has enabled him to become an educational entrepreneur. He believes that in the dynamic world of education, thinking outside the box alone is not sufficient but to create a whole new box. As such, this philosophy envisioned him to develop new and creative training programmes in the area of management, marketing and logistics supply chain.

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