EASY Weight-loss And Natural Beauty System

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"Get In Shape, Stay Active, And Start Living A Healthy Life While Balancing Your Work, Home And Family Needs . . . 

The EASY, Permanent Weight-loss Primer Manual To Help You Lose Weight, Look Trim And Beautiful And Change Your Life

Here are some of the features inside of The Easy Lifestyle Weight-loss Program manual... 

Here are some small sampling of WEIGHT-loss Contents ready-and-waiting inside the manual right now (you'll be able to access these Contents immediately after you purchase - the sooner you access them, the sooner you can begin to look slimmer, lose weight and look more attractive!)...


Lose up to 23 Lbs with A Easy Trigger!"

Here Is A SECRET way to eliminate 23 pounds of fat by making one simple change in your life.

Access Weight-loss Secrets That Will Help YOU Lose That Extra Fat FAST!

Want to stop the frustration of trying to lose weight? 

Want to really lose weight and keep it off forever? 

Want to stop losing weight and then gaining it back? 

Want more energy and vitality by eating the right foods?

Want to look better than you have in years and enjoy life to the fullest? 


End Up The Best Ever You And stay that way forever!

Fat Free Forever is the new way, the only way, to ensure you get slim and stay slim. Why? Because, unlike all the other programs out there, this one is about YOU...All The Gain Without The Pain!


"Conquering Cellulite!"

Cellulite is UGLY. Get the secrets to manage and get rid of them EASILY!

"Lowering Your Cholesterol"

Access secret tips in your manual. 


The only one way you can drastically speed up and accelerate your fat burning metabolism.

This program will give the secret!

Step by step SECRET guide to the amazing fat burning formula!

Get the secrets. Instant download!


"Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger!"

We share with you 'NEVER BEFORE REVEALED" secrets...Fresh contents, get them TODAY!


OUR OBJECTIVE is to make you live healthier by shedding the excess weight and padded fat and look smart and trim at the same time!

  • Women: be able to feel light, petite and strong, like a toned and honed Amazonian ready for business and enjoying all the stares coming your way…
  • Guys: be able to have a dominating presence in the room. Look like an athlete in your clothes and have the look of a warrior…

Instructor Biography

Dr. Morgan is a master coach and professional trainer. He has trained corporate companies like, Microsoft, IBM, etc in corporate team building. 

He has also coached thousands of people in personal empowerment and weight-loss. His forte is of course, coaching people in weight-loss and natural beauty! 

As a professional coach/trainer, he is accredited by the International Accreditation Institute-USA.

His ancestors are from India and Fiji Islands, they finally settled in beautiful Malaysia. He is the author of four other books. He is no stranger to publicity, having appeared in numerous TV shows, programs and media.

He now lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and children. He manages and runs a weight-loss membership program with a like minded group of experts. 

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