Oh no! Tomorrow is my interview!

What do I need to do?

I am nervous?

What do I bring? What do I wear?

What are they going to ask me?

These are some of the questions that people ask when they need to go for an interview.


Most people fail interviews because they do not properly prepare for them. They fail to dress properly, show up late, forget to bring documents, get the address wrong, etc.

The interview alone is already making you a nervous wreck hence you need to makes sure that all the other small things are sorted out for you so that you can Ace Your Interview! 

When you prepare you will know what to expect and most importantly you have covered all the necessary points to ensure that all you need to worry is about answering the questions and knowing the subject matter. 

This is where our Power Up Your Interview Skills will help you to prepare. be it for a job interview or a scholarship interview or a promotion interview it does not matter. This course will help you prepare so that you are ready no matter what.

We will focus on 3 things:

1. Before the interview.

2. During the interview.

3. After the interview.

This course is a must for everyone going for an interview. It will be one of the best investments in your life.


Do you need help to prepare for an interview?

Are you nervous? You are not sure and not confident about your coming interview?

Then this course is for you. Our goal is to help you ace your interview.

The objective of this course is to provide support, help, and guide you to prepare and ace an interview. We provide tips and guidance for you:

  1. Before the interview
  2. During the interview
  3. After the interview

In each section, we provide you with training videos and also notes which you can use to guide you to prepare better for your interview. 

You will discover how to prepare, what you need to wear to bring for an interview. What not to do and what not to wear. The dos and don'ts. All the tips that can help you.

We will also share with you the common questions that you need to prepare. These are all valuable information to help you upgrade your preparation. The best part is that we showcase some case studies that you can use as a reference.

We can guarantee that you will be more confident and ready to face the interview. This is a MUST HAVE COURSE if you are preparing for an interview.

To your success! 

Instructor Biography

Trainers are the founders of Real Leaders Solutions (RLS), Amirul Iskandar & Elin Arjuna. They are trainers, authors, business and personal wellness coaches. They have been doing training and coaching since 2002 in the country and overseas. Amirul has a degree in electrical engineering from the Queen's University of Canada, while Elin has a degree in accounting from the University of Malaya.

They both worked with various organizations and companies. In addition, they also were hailed as a successful entrepreneur in Sydney Australia in 2005 when they were recognized for excellence in their business. They are trainers and motivators who have trained students and entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Amirul & Elin is also the founder of the largest annual undergraduate conference in Malaysia, the REAL Undergraduate Conference (RUC).

They are also the author of Passion2Income which has sold more than 1000 copies.

Today, Amirul & Elin have trained people from all walks of life! They are frequently called upon to do training at public and private universities, colleges, and polytechnics. Their seminars and training have been very impactful and the feedback from participants has been very positive and powerful. Amirul & Elin lives in Kuala Lumpur with their three children.


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    Amirul Danish

    This is a very hands on & practical course that can help anybody prepare for an interview. We go into details the process before the interview, what to expect & do during the interview and also what to do after the interview. The case study also gives an example of how to answer the question, "Please tell us about yourself."

    08/06/2021 19:55:48

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