Real Leadership Workshop adalah merupakan program latihan yang diasaskan oleh Coach Amirul & Elin dari Real Leaders Solutions. Semua video dan modul disampaikan dalam Bahasa Malaysia.


Ada 17 unit yang menarik yang membolehkan peserta belajar pelbagai kemahiran untuk meningkatkan kemahiran insaniah dan juga kepimpinan. Semua unit yang disediakan adalah berasaskan 4 tiang kepimpinan; REAL iaitu R- Relationship, E – Equipping, A- Attitude & L – Leadership.


Unit-unit yang boleh dipelajari adalah seperti berikut:

1. Carpe Diem
2. Manage Your Time
3. Upgrade Yourself
4. REAL Leadership
6. Colour Personality
7. Team BULAT
8. The Love Languages
9. Pasu Biru
10. I am a LEADER
11. Pentingnya Personal Development
12. The Present
13. The 5 Golden Rules of Leadership
14. Public Speaking
15. Discover your Wow!
16. The 4 Seasons of Life
17. Sarapan Sihat 


Semoga apa yang dikongsikan boleh memberi manfaat kepada semua yang mendapatkan program ini. To your health, wealth, happiness & success!


This Real Leadership Workshop is a compilation of 17 training videos by Coach Amirul. All these videos will give you insight into how you can upgrade your lives from all these amazing topics.

You will discover practical and doable tips and guides that you can apply immediately to upgrade your lives. 

Instructor Biography

Trainers are the founders of Real Leaders Solutions (RLS), Amirul Iskandar & Elin Arjuna. They are trainers, authors, business and personal wellness coaches. They have been doing training and coaching since 2002 in the country and overseas. Amirul has a degree in electrical engineering from the Queen's University of Canada, while Elin has a degree in accounting from the University of Malaya.


They both worked with various organizations and companies. In addition, they also were hailed as a successful entrepreneur in Sydney Australia in 2005 when they were recognized for excellence in their business. They are trainers and motivators who have trained students and entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Amirul & Elin is also the founder of the largest annual undergraduate conference in Malaysia, the REAL Undergraduate Conference (RUC).


They are also the author of Passion2Income which has sold more than 1000 copies.


Today, Amirul & Elin have trained people from all walks of life! They are frequently called upon to do training at public and private universities, colleges, and polytechnics. Their seminars and training have been very impactful and the feedback from participants has been very positive and powerful. Amirul & Elin lives in Kuala Lumpur with their three children.


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    Amirul Danish

    Fantastic modules! Great value. Hope this will be of great benefit for anybody wanting to upgrade some skills.

    18/04/2022 14:45:34

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