Corporate Yoga

by SoulArist

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On Site. At Corporate Location (KL City)

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Lunchtime or after hours, an hour of yoga is sure to invigorate the body, mind and spirit. The health benefits of yoga are numerous.

Whether you are looking for better team spirit/chemistry, more focus OR to ensure general wellbeing; lunchtime yoga is a PRICELESS commitment to internal and external growth.

Max people per classes : 20 people 

Duration : For 10 weeks

Special Introductory Offer - Free Nasal Cleansing Class 

Our workforce is our greatest asset in moving our projects and services forward. Places like Google and a growing trend of new generation companies are embracing an atypical workplace and style. The one thing everyone is striving to achieve is in TRUTH employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Research has shown performance is improved when we return to a more calm, centered and balanced state of mind.

The truth is, satisfaction comes from a state of gratitude. Gratitude is not about being grateful for a house, a job, money or relationships.

Gratitude goes far deeper into a state of appreciation for our very essence, our very being.

Only when one is at peace within, can one’s inner peace radiate outwards.


Never was a rash decision made in a state of calm. Our inner peace is now being called forth more so than before as our surrounding is shifting at a rapid pace and sometimes in unknown and unpredictable directions.

A foundation in Psychology taught attention to detail, critical analysis, and a sound foundation in academic reasoning. THOUGH it provided many an adventurous academic exploration – A FUN ONE TOO -HOWEVER, it still came up short in life skills; and left a nagging sense of incompleteness within.

And so began Phase II of life into a decade of exploring yoga, meditation, hypnosis and self-realisation; which has offered an enriching LIFE EXPERIENCE to say the least.

Having a passion for writing and creative expression, came INSPIRATION in the ordinary.

Having a keen mind for self-enquiry, gave balance through MINDFUL LIVING.

Having practiced dance, yoga and a passion for healthy living – have truly read, researched and explored the body in most unique ways, and have a greater appreciation for this organic vessel that takes us through life.

In the adventurous exploration of it all – was an amassing a great number of experiences, skills, life lessons, and nice “TRICKS” that have been great life hacks.

It has been a blessed life, and having received tremendous lessons and gifts – it is a wonderful opportunity to share some of these LIFE TRICKS and HACKS to joyful living

Hope to be inspired by some new ones as we go along, AND watch as WE expand on these through a ripple effect.

And Yes, an Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor!