Welcome to “Cooking in Bamboo”, the Borneo Dayak Style!

In Borneo, this traditional style of Cooking in Bamboo is originally done by the Dayak Community namely Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu for generations.

Over the years, more and more people know about Cooking in Bamboo and have tasted food cooked in this style of traditional cooking.

In the Iban community, food cooked in bamboo is called “Pansuh”. Meanwhile, in the Bidayuh community  it is called  “Tenok derom bu-uruk”. The Orang Ulu Community too have their own way of calling it which simply means “Cooking in Bamboo”.

The delicious taste of food cooked in bamboo is different from food cooked in pots and pans. The taste of meat such as pork, beef, mutton and other meat is even more delicious when the meat is first barbequed for a short while (half-cooked) over charcoal fire. It is then cut into small sizes (not too small) and mixed properly with the prepared ingredients. It is ready for cooking in Bamboo.

There is a certain unique delicious taste about  food cooked in Bamboo. This kind of cooking do not need any cooking oil. Almost all the ingredients needed for this kind of traditional cooking can be found within the Dayak Community. However nowadays, these ingredients can also be found easily in most market place in Asia. However a few jungle produce such as “Bungkang” leaves and “Tubu’ leaves may not be easily found today.

There are certain basic ingredients used for cooking in bamboo. With these basic ingredients, anyone can cook in bamboo. It is entirely up to the individual to add or reduce the amount of any ingredients to get their desired taste. The authentic way of cooking is using a bamboo to get the special bamboo sweetness mixed with food during the process of cooking. Otherwise, if you really do not have bamboo to cook in, I would suggest you try using a claypot. The taste may not be quite the same but I am sure if you have the right ingredients you will get a satisfactory result too.

Happy cooking in bamboo, folks!


To make cooking in bamboo easy for everyone!

Instructor Biography

Mr Stanley Lidi Anak Lagat is an iban man who has years of experience in travelling the globe with UN Mission Tour of duties. 


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    Vrynn Vyn

    I love it

    15/12/2017 05:19:29

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    Rebecca Nanta

    The instructions on method of cooking is very well illustrated. Keep up the good work.

    03/10/2017 22:00:22

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