This cake book was made specially for all housewives and those who intend to own a cook book that is simple and easy to make but at the same time would like to keep an eye on their budget. Own this book for easy reference and basic guidelines that are simple and easy to understand. There are a total of 5 steamed cake recipes that can be referred to and act as a guide for those who are trying to find an easy and simple way to bake a steamed cake. In this book, I’ll be focusing on basic and easy cakes that are simple to master for those who are just trying it out. Starting from only a one layered cake, you’ll be moving your way up and down and start learning how to bake amulti-layered steamed cake. I hope the readers of this book would be happy in trying out these recipes and I’m delighted to have shared them with you. Obviously, you’ll be filled with pride once you’ve shown your friends and family what you have created with your hands and baked from scratch. “A woman that is respected by many isn’t just beautiful and stylish but also a good cook ” In conclusion, this book was made as a reference for those whom are intrigued to learn how to bake a cake or has no experience in baking a cake before.


The objective of making this book is to promote the traditional cakes from Sarawak that can be easily prepared. In addition, it is also to expand the skills of a cook, in other words a cook can add a recipe to their personal cookbook. Additionally, this cooking book is also to build self-confidence for those who are just beginning to cook.

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This skill and way of cooking has been adapted and inherited from generation to generation. It is a tradition and a norm in Sarawak society to know how to cook this cake. Therefore, for those who always in Sarawak to celebrate any kinds of celebrations, you will often find these cakes in every house you visit. I have no professional experience but I make this cookbook based on personal experience and customer satisfaction.

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