Work-life Balance in Today's Generation of Human Capital

Publisher :   Malaysia Productivity Corporation

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“We believe in our employees being our biggest asset and they are responsible in the overall growth at Arvato. Not only that, trust is another essential value that we hold onto and this I believe has led to the acceleration of work performance among all our employees. Therefore, we have implemented numerous facilities, benefits and flexibilities for all our employees in recognition of their contribution and hard work towards the development of the entity,” said Benjamin Dorsch, the Managing Director of Arvato Systems Malaysia. Source:

Arvato Systems Malaysia has recently won the HR Excellence Award 2016 specifically in providing work-life balance for their employees. This prestigious award is special as it is given to entities upon careful selection by a panel of senior Human Resources Personnel and the winners are usually regarded as the cream of the crop.

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) which was established under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is a government agency that facilitates the national agenda of unlocking potentials of productivity.

MPC has initiated a web-based platform known as Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND) to exclusively disseminate information on best practices to organisations nationwide. This channel is aimed to provide management systems and case studies specifically to foster positive growth within the respective corporations.

MPC is privileged to showcase these best practices and success stories from various improvement projects through strategic collaborations of both public and private sectors. MPC has also assisted more than 200 companies in implementing project improvements for productivity enhancement. These initiatives are being documented and uploaded  at BOND.

Organisations from both public and private sectors are encouraged to grasp knowledge through real case studies and instilling these strategies in sustaining and expanding business operations.

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