This book will give you a general understanding of the body and how Yoga can help in keeping the body healthy so that you can lead a happy life. The book gives vivid descriptions on how the various yoga asanas are to be performed. It also gives a general understanding of the benefits of performing the asanas if done on a regular basis. It is a simple yet powerful guide for beginners and for those who wish to progress to the intermediate level.

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Param Shiva the author of this book has been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than 30 years. He is passionate about spreading the knowledge about the science behind Yoga.  While teaching this ancient art, he picked up the practical aspects of Yoga and got a deeper insight of how basic Yoga can help boost up one’s physical and mental health.

He was privileged to have had the guidance of Swamijis from Divine Life Society, India from time to time to further enhance his knowledge. He was also fortunate to be able to help those who needed emotional support as a trained Befriender. These two aspects have given him a greater understanding of the nature of people and the absolute importance of both body and mind. This prompted him to share his knowledge in his book - Yoga For Wellness of Body and Mind.

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