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Gaddafi was a unique and great revolutionist. He held the reins of Libyan rule at a young age after successfully overthrowing King Idris al Sanusi who had long ruled the country according to the Western powers’ directive which only wanted to control the country's oil revenue. After he took over Libya’s government administration, Gaddafi expelled the British Army and USA’s troops based in the country. 

He also ended the oil concessions that were given to the foreign companies by the former King Idris Al Sanusi. Gaddafi continued to bully the Western countries by imposing foreign policies that are not in favour of the West and anti-imperialism. 

Interestingly, Gaddafi also had a similar character with Adolf Hitler, who was Anti-Semitic (Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel). Though it seems hard to believe, Gaddafi was once feared by the Jews and the illegal state of Israel. He was the target of Israeli anger over his actions in sponsoring Palestinian rebel groups against Israel as well as openly criticising the Jews and Israel.  

In the name of religion and the unity of the Arabs and African countries, Gaddafi sought to unify the Muslim state leaders. However, his efforts were often thwarted by the West and equally compounded by the jealousy of the leaders of Arab states who did not want to see Gaddafi dominate the Islamic world.

As a result, the Western countries, Israel, and the Arab countries which were hostile against Gaddafi had conspired to overthrow him. He was accused of sponsoring terrorism and was exposed to a few assassination attempts orchestrated by the West. Gaddafi was finally executed in the Arab Spring Revolution in 2011. This book elaborates on the rare facts that will make you feel the loss of an Islamic Commander once feared by the Wests.


This book elaborates on the rare facts that will make you feel the loss of an Islamic Commander once feared by the Wests.

Instructor Biography

Mohammad Firdaus bin Zainal is a writer of the Non-Fiction genre covering the fields of political science, Islamic and Medieval history. The author holds a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He served in the 92 ATCK Military Special Branch, Defence Staff Intelligence Division, Ministry of Defence for eight years before moving into the corporate world as a Senior Copywriter Executive. His passion in writing since his school year has been transformed into a career by producing several works that are mostly still in the publication process. Among the works that have been produced are:

Coronavirus: Pandemik & Senjata Bio (Bibliotheca)

Saddam: Fakta di Sebalik Kematian (Bibliotheca)

Muhammad Bukan Pendusta: Membongkar Fitnah & Pembohongan atas Nama Nabi Muhammad s.a.w (Hijjaz Records Publishing)

Membongkar Manipulasi Israk Mikraj dalam Karya Agung Dunia Divine Comedy (Hijjaz Records Publishing)

LGBT: Islam Bukan Fiksyen (Telaga Biru Sdn bhd)

Al Quran & Manusia-manusia Melawan

In addition, the author is also actively writing current issues on the Facebook pages of Firdaus Zainal and Bibliotheca. With his aim to bring back the greatness of Islamic knowledge to where it was once enjoyed in the Abbasid era, the author is now actively producing works in Bibliotheca.

He only hopes for two aspirations; firstly, he can continue to pursue knowledge and be humbly granted with wisdom, secondly, he can impart the knowledge into a boundless deed (jariah) for him to later meet the Almighty Creator.

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