This eBook is written out of love and care towards all the examination candidates. We truly understand the feelings & the workload of getting ready for an examination.  

The intention of this eBook is to provide you with the inner strength to excel in your exams - My Final Preparation.

This book is based on personal experience raising 3 children and helping them prepare and get into the right mind set to face exams. All the hardwork has been done for the preparation, now is the final piece of the puzzle. The ability to stay calm and focus and be in the best condition to perform.

Hope that the tips shared here will be of benefit to all those sitting for exams especially their SPM. All the best and we pray for your success!

It only take less than 10 minutes to read but it will help you to get through the exams.


The objective of this simple eBook is to provide practical tips on what to do during the last few days or hours before your exams.

You have done all the hardwork, now it is time to get yourself mentally and emotionally ready for your exams.

If you apply the tips shared, we hope that you will be able to perform better and excel in your exams. It's the small and litttle things that we do can make a huge difference in our results.

Instructor Biography

Elin is an author, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and most importantly a mother of 3 children. She has a lot of experince in training students from primary to secondary school students as well as college and university students and even working adults.

Her passion is helping people to become better in what they do especially in education. She excels in helping students perform to the best of their capabilities. This eBook is based on personal experience on how she helps her own children and students to get amazing results in their exams. 


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    Good tips and motivation to all SPM candidates. The tips can also be applied for other candidates, for other exams. Easy to understand and have appropriate images, colors etc to attract readers.

    19/07/2021 09:45:37

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    Ganesha Melvin Nesan


    27/10/2018 18:09:01

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    Knowledge For The Soul

    good blessings for all SPM students to prepare themselves mentally

    27/10/2018 12:46:50

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    Very informative

    28/09/2018 19:59:42

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    Suganthee Rajaram


    05/09/2018 14:38:48

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    Good tips..

    03/09/2018 18:52:38

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    Jacqueline Joseph

    Simple but powerful steps for exam students.....

    22/04/2018 03:47:59

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    Great Tips for all SPM students. Must read.

    21/01/2018 19:26:15

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    Amirul Aiman bin Amirul Iskandar

    Tips yang bagus untuk kami. Tq

    30/12/2017 14:28:06

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    Real Leaders Solutions

    Very good tips! Not just for SPM candidates but for all students. Simple & Easy to do tips. Must read for all SPM candidates. Only RM2. What a great investment!

    30/12/2017 11:40:54

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    Kelab Sihat Kita

    Tips Yang Bagus bukan sahaja untuk calon SPM tetapi untuk semua pelajar. Terbaik!!!

    30/12/2017 11:38:14

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    Ahmad Basyir

    It is very useful.

    09/12/2017 12:25:48

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    Nafie Samat

    Tips yang sangat bagus & berguna.

    01/12/2017 17:45:43

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    Tengku Mohd Khairul Annuar

    Best and helpful

    25/11/2017 12:24:41

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    Nur Masturah Abdul Razak

    good content

    21/11/2017 20:39:55

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    Nice reading.

    18/11/2017 11:22:23

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    Useful tips

    11/11/2017 12:39:50

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    Mohd Nazrin

    Buku yang sangat bagus.. boleh bantu pelajar utk dapat tips yang mudah.. isi yang padat dan sgt mudah faham

    11/11/2017 12:39:08

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    Amirul Danish

    Truly amazing tips. Mesti baca sekarang.

    10/11/2017 09:40:50

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    Good tips

    08/11/2017 11:22:53

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    Adibah Md Shariff

    Useful tips for spm contenders

    07/11/2017 20:49:32

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    selviana liboma

    sangat bagus tips yang diberi.

    05/11/2017 21:23:18

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    It's the simple things that will bring out the huge things

    05/11/2017 20:23:09

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    Clara Ann Nelson

    Awesome tips!

    04/11/2017 21:20:52

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    Harga murah untuk tips berharga.

    04/11/2017 17:18:06

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    Great tips!

    04/11/2017 09:49:38

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