If you are reading this eBook, chances are you have made a decision to go on a journey to achieve your goal or dream.  You saw an amazing opportunity and you believe and hope that it can get you to where you want to go. Guess what? You are right! In fact, in this industry, you can achieve amazing things provided you put in the hard work and effort and most importantly focus on developing yourself to become the best person that you can be.

The purpose of this eBook is to serve as a guideline for you in your journey. As mentioned earlier, the key to success is great leadership and a duplicable system. These are the 2 things that you must check and ensure that is developed and in place so that you can build your network. The 10 formula or steps that we are sharing here are essentially the steps that you need to take to develop your leadership and also the foundation for the system that you need to have in place. You cannot go wrong if you have these 10 formula or steps.


The goal and objective of this eBook is to provide networkers with a guideline, a business building wheel in short a system which they can follow and duplicate. The system that we are sharing can help anybody to be successful. We followed the system and we never had any business background or experience.

These 10 formulas are the ones that we learned and were taught to follow and duplicate in our business. Network marketing is all about leadership and system. The system that we are sharing here is something that people can follow step by step to get their business started and when they duplicate the formula with their TEAM the results will be amazing!

Network Marketing is all about duplicating or becoming a copycat of successful people. We can GUARANTEE that once you follow the 10 formula and make it a part of your organization you will see results. Do it for the next 90 days. Commit to the system and make it happen.

Do, show and teach your people. Lead by example.

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We were introduced to Network Marketing back in 2002 by Amirul's school friend. We were very sceptical and we were not interested in the industry. We both had a good career in place as an engineer and accountant with a huge company. But when we discovered that a lot of people are involved from different backgrounds and different positions made us to rethink about the opportunity.

We became serious networkers after we attended our first big event for our network marketing business. It was incredible to see people being recognized for their effort and achievements. It inspired and motivated us to become better people and to share the opportunity with others.

We were introduced to the system and we made a point to follow and do it. Then we taught and coached our team to do the same. When duplication happened we built an empire. In just 3 years, we were recognized for the highest achievement and was honoured in Sydney Australia. It was a life changing moment for us.

From there we started our own training company. We have trained more than 30,000 people all over Malaysia. We organized seminars and conferences and we even wrote a book which has sold more than 1000 copies. All this came from us following the 10 Formula to Network Marketing Success. 

Today we are still involved in network marketing and we know that with this system, we can build successful business that can generate passive income for us. We are excited and we truly believe that if you follow the steps we shared, you will achieve your dreams!


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    Ricky Murugan

    Simple and easy to understand writings. Great.

    20/08/2021 23:45:42

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    Amirul Danish

    This is a must have book for everybody who wants to be successful in network marketing. Truly ideal for beginners. It will set you up with a system that you can DO, SHOW & TEACH your TEAM.

    08/10/2019 22:14:16

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    Gain knowledge in marketing. superb and powerful

    28/07/2019 21:53:33

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    usefull formula for networkers

    20/11/2018 12:41:48

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    Very informative

    28/09/2018 20:12:58

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    10 elements....great

    08/09/2018 23:14:40

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    Nandhini Ramesh Rao

    I get better knowledge about network marketing after reading this book

    27/08/2018 12:53:34

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    Helps my understandings in network marketing

    13/08/2018 19:11:17

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    27/07/2018 00:06:31

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    Shezron Saimun


    31/05/2018 11:02:17

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    Jacqueline Joseph

    Great book to read....

    23/04/2018 20:03:22

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